Seventh Sense Biosystems

Howard Weisman

CEO: Howard Weisman
Based: Medford, Massachusetts
Founded: 2008
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The scoop

Seventh Sense Biosystems (7SBio) concentrates on revolutionizing blood collection with a device that is easy and painless to use. The technology is based on the company’s Touch Activated Phlebotomy (TAP) platform. A user simply puts the TAP device on their upper arm and with the push of a button it delivers an array of 30 microneedles into the skin and then retracts them.

“As the microneedles pierce the skin, the blood is essentially vacuumed into the device, where it is anticoagulated and stored for delivery to a lab,” CEO Howard Weisman has previously said. Earlier this year, the FDA gave the green light for 7SBio’s “push-button” blood collection device, specifically to test HbA1c levels in patients with diabetes and prediabetes.

The company snapped up $10 million in a series C late last year to develop new products around the TAP platform and expand its manufacturing capacity. More recently, 7SBio announced a partnership with Ionis Pharmaceuticals to further develop the TAP system. As part of that deal, Ionis made a $2 million investment in 7SBio's series C round.

What makes 7SBio fierce

Although the TAP device is designed to collect 100 microliters (0.1 milliliters) of blood, it can be adjusted to collect more or less blood. This flexibility reduces waste in blood collection, in keeping with the industry shift toward requiring less blood to run diagnostic tests. Additionally, a sample taken with the TAP system is anticoagulated and stored in the device for transport to a lab.

What to look for

The company is working on adding more assays for use with the TAP device. Weisman has said they continue to communicate with the FDA about additional assays for use with the TAP device and are submitting data for new indications to the agency.

Seventh Sense Biosystems