Roche/Genentech - Biotech Market Share Report

Company: Roche/Genentech
2007 Sales: $15.4 billion
Market share: 20.6%
CAGR: 33.5%

Roche, Genetech market share report featuring Herceptin, Avastin, Neorocormon, Rituxan and LucentisWhat they have: Roche's biggest biologic blockbuster is Rituxan, a rheumatoid arthritis and non-Hodgkins lymphoma remedy that raked in $2.2 billion in sales in 2007. Other blockbusters include the breast cancer treatment Herceptin ($1.2 billion) and Avastin ($2.4 billion), which is indicated for colon or rectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and HER2 negative breast cancer. Anemia drug Neorecormon and Lucentis for wet AMD round out Roche and Genentech's five biggest biologics.

What to look for: Roche and Genentech have two new biologics in their late-stage pipeline. These are ocrelizumab, a monoclonal antibody for rheumatoid arthritis, and pertuzumab, another MAb for metastatic breast cancer. Additional indications for Avastin, Lucentis, Xolair are also in the works.

Roche/Genentech - Biotech Market Share Report

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