Deborah Kilpatrick, Evidation Health

Deborah Kilpatrick
GE brings in the coach to translate digital health tech into patient outcomes

Affiliation: Evidation Health
Title: CEO

When GE Ventures comes calling in need of a CEO for its newest venture, the answer is always yes. Or at least that was Deborah Kilpatrick's response. She had been the CCO of diagnostics company CardioDx but was in search of a fresh challenge.

"As I was looking, GE Ventures was going to start a company focused on outcomes," Kilpatrick told FierceMedicalDevices in an interview. "To be honest, all the planets aligned. It's half healthcare and half technology--most digital health companies are born out of consumer tech. But this opportunity is not just about defining outcomes; it's about digitally enabling better outcomes."

In March, GE Ventures and Stanford Health Care officially launched Evidation with a $6.2 million Series A financing; the company had started as a collaboration between them and is aimed at realizing a vision of digital health that meaningfully improves the healthcare system rather than the current trend of tinkering around the edges with consumer tech.

"Digital health needs to be crystallized. Adoption should be on the basis of clinical and economic outcomes, and no one is really talking about that," said Kilpatrick. Evidation is already working on a number of outcome studies, she said. "We are selectively focusing on payers, digital health, pharma and providers--how they look at outcomes beyond 2015."

Its partners include Humana ($HUM), Biogen ($BIIB), Sanofi ($SNY), Harvard Business School and Wharton Business School. Most recently, Evidation started working with CrowdMed, a company that uses crowdsourcing in an effort to diagnose complex medical cases online. Evidation will design and conduct a study to see how patients use healthcare before and after a diagnosis is achieved via CrowdMed.

On the biopharma side, Kilpatrick said Evidation is seeing significant traction as the sector scrambles to sort out how to integrate digital health tech into their clinical trials.

"What we're seeing is that they generally have a lot of interest in Phase IV or to bring new kinds of insight to Phase III," she said. Digital health tech is being used by biopharma to explore potentially relevant aspects that could be secondary endpoints via the use of continuous measurement and monitoring.

Overall, with Evidation the aim is to bridge the gap between the promise of the diverse emerging field of digital health devices, apps and software and the actual, measurable improvements to healthcare provision that industry stakeholders are universally seeking.

Kilpatrick sees herself as a woman who's up to the job, noting that--much like her Southern football coach father--her drive is to "bring all these people from different backgrounds together for the big win."

-- Stacy Lawrence (email | Twitter)

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Deborah Kilpatrick, Evidation Health