Core Diagnostics

The buzz: Diagnostics are becoming increasingly important in emerging markets, and this Indian startup launched earlier this year with its eye on an enormous opportunity. The company's CEO said his company will develop and sell high-tech, next-generation diagnostic tests meant to identify the best possible treatment for patients. And there's a goal of helping India catch up to the West in the development of such tests. It would be a big boost on the standard of care, which leaves Indian patients often having to wait for diagnostics results after sending samples to the U.S. and U.K. That and the country's population of 1.2 billion creates huge potential for a home-grown diagnostics company to make waves. 

Milestone: How about its debut. Core Diagnostics officially opened for business only in January, backed by $5.1 million in funding from Artiman Ventures, and offices in New Delhi are already equipped to sell tests for oncology, cardiology and other diseases. And the company inked partnership deals with CardioDx and Genentech. 

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Core Diagnostics