caBIG - 5 Useful Online Biology Research Tools

There are huge amounts of data from worldwide cancer research. So much, perhaps, that individual research sites would have a tough time managing it all on their own. With caBIG, however, there are plenty of ways to share and easily access such data without the burden of keeping it all in-house.

The information technology network provides researchers all over the country with free access to numerous collections of biological data as well as tools to manage and analyze the information. Those available data include studies from the Cancer Genome Atlas project, more than 3 million medical images and more than 2 million biological specimens. The program, founded in 2004, is paid for by the National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical Informatics.

While caBIG has its sights set on further utilization, there are already more than 75 organizations connected to its information grid for sharing data among researchers. Also, caBIG has played a role in many studies and more than 300 scientific publications. The bottom line is that the program addresses a huge need among researchers to easily access key data on diseases to aid many types of studies. Call it big data versus the big "C."

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caBIG - 5 Useful Online Biology Research Tools

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