Big Biotech's Stock Report

2007 was a big year for Big Biotech, and while some of the top companies shined, other industry leaders took a beating. Biotech five biggest players--Amgen (1), Genentech (2), Biogen Idec (3), Genzyme (4) and Gilead Sciences (5)--are among the oldest and most established companies in the industry. Drug safety concerns, buyout talks, layoffs, and the ongoing struggle to produce cutting-edge technologies all made for an eventful year for these industry giants.

Gilead, Biogen Idec and Genzyme were the stock market winners in '07, gaining 43 percent, 16 percent and 13 percent respectively. On the other hand Genentech was down 18 percent, and Amgen dropped a whopping 34 percent. Click below for full stock performance details on Big Biotech's 2007 winners and losers.

1. Gilead
2. Biogen Idec
3. Genzyme
4. Genentech
5. Amgen


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