Aratana Therapeutics

Based: Kansas City, KS
Stock symbol: PETX
Range: $11 to $13
IPO price: $6.00
Close Oct. 17: $28.07
Change: Up 367%
Raised: $39.6 million

The scoop: Aratana looked like a loser when its IPO struggled to gain acceptance on Wall Street. Forced to slash its stock price to win over investors, the company has since seen its shares soar. In the short time since the IPO was completed in June, the company--which develops new therapies for pets--acquired a rival outfit for $30 million and is in a position to reap some major benefits with follow-on stock offerings. The biotech has benefited enormously from a second look from investors. And the Vet Therapeutics buyout put it in close range of commercialization efforts. Sometimes, even a weak IPO can open the door to fresh fundraising opportunities. The industry has not overlooked the lesson provided by Aratana.

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Aratana Therapeutics

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