Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer - CEO pay report

Kevin Sharer - Amgen

Kevin Sharer, Amgen CEOTotal Compensation: $19.9 million

Details: Despite weathering its toughest year to date, Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer came out on top in this year's CEO pay ranking. However, Sharer's pay was down 17 percent from 2006. His base salary was up slightly to $1.55 million but he took a hit on stock awards and incentive plan compensation. This was no surprise considering the beating Amgen stock took after safety problems were reported on the company's best-selling anemia drugs Aranesp and Epogen. In addition to traditional compensation, Sharer spent $247,743 on personal use of Amgen's aircraft, almost $25,000 on personal use of a car and driver, and $15,000 on financial planning services. His direct compensation totaled $13.2 million--less than Genentech's Arthur Levinson.

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Amgen CEO Kevin Sharer - CEO pay report

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