AcuFocus - Top 10 VC deals, H2 2011

Company: AcuFocus
Based: Irvine, CA
Amount: $65 million
Investors: Cowen Healthcare Royalty Partners, SV Life Sciences, Versant Ventures, The Carlyle Group, Accuitive Medical Ventures, Bausch & Lomb and Medtronic

Scoop: AcuFocus, which raked in $65 million last fall, has an implant known as the Kamra inlay to treat presbyopia, a loss of near visual acuity that occurs with age. The implant is available in some markets, but not yet in the U.S. Joining the round was Medtronic ($MDT), and as notes, the investment could be a step toward diversifying into areas--in this case, ophthalmology--not covered by Medicare and Medicaid, to avoid potential cuts in those two programs' budgets. And more could be at stake, as AcuFocus would be open to being acquired, CEO Ed Peterson explained. "We're definitely an acquisition candidate, but our focus is to build a great company and a great product, and if we do that, someone will be interested," he said, as quoted by the news service. AcuFocus' product has a huge market potential, as presbyopia affects roughly 1.5 billion people globally, the company notes on its website. But it's hardly resting on its laurels and is developing more products, with some serving as adjuncts to the Kamra inlay.

AcuFocus - Top 10 VC deals, H2 2011