5 emerging eClinical firms to watch

Get smart on these emerging players in the eClinical arena fast. As you'll see in the list of companies below, several of the top Big Pharma, biotech and device companies have been early adopters of these companies' software. We used the term "eClinical" broadly to describe firms with software that addresses many different types of issues for companies involved in clinical research.

Indeed, life sciences companies are straining for new ways to conduct their operations and clinical trials more efficiently, as bloated R&D budgets in particular have come under fire on Wall Street and in the front offices of the companies themselves. For eClinical products to, say, drop the cost of a clinical trial by mere 3 percent might save a developer big bucks. But those products have to be differentiated from the rest, and the unique value drivers of each firms' technology was a huge consideration in including them in this report.

While a few of the companies below have solid customer rosters, others have only recently entered the race with new software for use in clinical development. Please don't consider this list to be comprehensive; it's, we hope, just a taste of the hot eClinical outfits out there making waves in the marketplace. FierceBiotech IT will be surveying the landscape of these and other emerging eClinical companies daily.

1. ClearTrial
2. Clinical Ink
3. NextDocs
4. PharmaPros
5. Virtify

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5 emerging eClinical firms to watch