32. Jivi


Active ingredient: BAY94-9027
Disease: hemophilia
Peak sales estimate: n/a
Approved: Aug. 30
Company: Bayer 

The scoop: In perhaps a nod to the fact that biopharma companies are now just throwing high-scoring Scrabble letters in with any random vowels, Bayer has produced Jivi, a next-generation follow-up to its older blockbusters in the long-acting hemophilia space. But that’s a busy space: Competition is rife from the likes of Shire and Sanofi, as a result of its $11.9 billion buyout of hemophilia-focused Bioverativ, as well as Roche, which last year scored approval for its antibody-based treatment Hemlibra. The German pharma is, however, trying to position its drug as giving patients and doctors more options when using it to prevent bleeding, because although it's initially dosed twice a week, Jivi can then be given more or less frequently as needed. But, despite efforts to move patients from daily injections of factor VIII to long-acting variants that can be given every few days, such as Bayer’s other bleeding drug Kovaltry as well as Shire’s Adynovate and Eloctate, and CSL Behring’s Afstyla, uptake hasn’t been as strong as some analysts had hoped. In the long term, all these drug therapies could be made obsolete by one-shot gene therapies for the disorder that are showing promise in early-stage testing from the likes of BioMarin Pharmaceutical and Spark Therapeutics. — Ben Adams

32. Jivi

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