22. Rinvoq


Active ingredient: upadacitinib
Disease: rheumatoid arthritis
Peak sales estimate: $2.2 billion by 2023
Approved: Aug. 16, 2019
Company: AbbVie

The scoop: The days without biosimilar competition are numbered for AbbVie’s Humira in the U.S.—and that’s where Rinvoq comes in. The rheumatoid arthritis drug is meant to follow up the Illinois drugmaker’s behemoth, with Wall Street predicting its sales can peak north of $2 billion—even despite a black-box warning that includes risks of infections and thrombosis. Rinvoq’s success will rely in part on access, which by analyst accounts is coming along nicely for AbbVie: Industry watchers expect Rinvoq to hit 75% coverage in 2020, leading analysts to peg consensus sales for the year at $342 million. AbbVie’s reputation in the arthritis arena may also help Rinvoq, Piper Jaffray’s Christopher Raymond wrote recently after surveying 100 rheumatologists who cited the company’s “stewardship” as a positive. Meanwhile, Rinvoq is already driving toward its second indication after putting up positive phase 3 psoriatic arthritis data in late October. — Carly Helfand

22. Rinvoq

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