The AACR conference featured data on promising new approaches to CAR-T treatments and stimulating cancer-killing immune cells.

A compound that transforms into an antifungal drug as the body metabolizes it inhibits the progression of bladder cancer in mouse models.

A personalized ovarian cancer vaccine was most effective when given alongside a pair of approved cancer meds.

People who have a particular variation in the gene FGF21 tend to crave sweet foods—but they also have naturally have low body fat.

Antibiotics dubbed odilorhabdins (ODLs), inspired by soil-dwelling nematodes, hold promise for treating antibiotic-resistant infections.

A PureTech startup is developing an immune-responsive hydrogel that releases a corticosteroid into arthritic joints based on their level of inflammation.

A trial of a retinal implant built from embryonic stem cells produced encouraging results in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration.

A genomic analysis found that RNA splicing mutations play a role in more cancers than previously thought.