UC Berkeley researchers have come up with a CRISPR “switch” mechanism that keeps the Cas9 enzyme off until it reaches its target.

A new screening system confirmed that an emerging class of cancer drugs called IAP antagonists have immune-boosting powers.

BI will work with Vanderbilt to develop novel small molecules that they believe will relieve symptoms including memory loss.

A new study shows that a protein called Tinagl1 can block two pathways triple-negative breast tumors use to grow and metastasize.

Researchers at the University of Toronto and UCSF point to the gut as the source of immune cells that mitigate brain inflammation in MS.

The week’s biotech news included a surgical gel that prevents tumors from spreading and an antibody against opioids.

A discovery of a mechanism that clears the toxic brain protein tau could lead to new ideas for treating Alzheimer's.

UCSF researchers have modified CRISPR gene editing to increase the activity of genes that create the feeling of being full.