Researchers in the U.K. tested AstraZeneca’s PARP inhibitor Lynparza and found it can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and invade glioblastoma tumors.

Scientists have discovered key stem cells that help the gecko tail regenerate—insights that may spur therapies for people with spinal cord injuries.

PureTech affiliate Vedanta Biosciences announced a partnership to create immune-boosting cancer therapies that capitalize on the gut microbiome.

The past week saw news of a partnership aimed at improving cancer discovery, a technique for reversing heart damage and a new cancer-killing cell.

A University of Edinburgh-led team has uncovered a mechanism in MS that prevents regulatory T cells—which prevent autoimmune activity—from developing.

A team at Indiana University reported promising results in mice for an opioid alternative that enhances the brain’s ability to produce painkillers.

Broad Institute scientists have created an RNA-editing method that makes reversible changes to DNA possible.

The past week brought discoveries related to tumor metastasis, the virulence of a superbug, and breast cancer risk.