UCLA scientists invented a gene-synthesis technology that allows scientists anywhere to make their own genes quickly and efficiently.

Biotech discoveries over the past week included new way to harness the lethal power of Huntington’s disease and llama antibodies sans llamas.

A stem cell pathway could be targeted to create more effective treatments for triple-negative breast cancer.

California researchers have gained insight into how a 30-year-old asthma drug called amlexanox helps burn calories—and it all ties into inflammation.

The past week ushered in discoveries that could inspire new treatments for Lyme disease and several cancers.

A USC team has discovered the culprit behind malfunctioning blood vessels in the brain—a potential target for fighting several types of dementia.

An improved understanding of dopamine release in the healthy brain could lead to better treatments for addiction.

Stanford researchers are reporting promising results from mouse trials of a therapy that involves injecting compounds directly into tumors.