Two liver cancer drug candidates dazzle in preclinical tests; Stem cells explored as osteoarthritis treatment;


> MultiCell Technologies in Woonsocket, RI, is reporting encouraging preclinical results for two drug candidates that could be possible liver cancer treatments. And the company wants to move ahead with further studies. Story

> Scientists are testing inhibitors of indoleamine 2.3-dioxygenase in preclinical studies as possible treatments for recurrent or refractory solid tumors, and they might serve as viable weapons against lung cancer, according to new research. Item

Stem Cells

> University Health Network in Toronto is pursuing the use of stem cells to help rebuild bone and cartilage in joints destroyed by osteoarthritis. Story

> Researchers at Duke University are looking at the use of mesenchymal stem cells to prevent post-traumatic arthritis after a joint injury. Story


> A key gene, when mutated, has been revealed to cause the rare multisystem disorder Cornelia deLange syndrome, which can cause intellectual impairment, deformed limbs and other disabilities. Story

> Scientists have identified new genetic risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. Story