Spotlight On... Sequencing deer tick genome may help stop Lyme disease one day; Apnea research focuses on interrupted signals; Study: Mild stress can activate healthy brown fat; and more...

Looking for new ways to stop the spread of Lyme disease, a large group of scientists have completed sequencing the genome of the deer tick, which spreads the disease. "The genome provides a foundation for a whole new era in tick research," said Purdue University entomologist Catherine Hill, lead author of the paper, "now that we've cracked the tick's code, we can begin to design strategies to control ticks, to understand how they transmit disease and to interfere with that process." Release

> Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have been studying the way signals the body uses to regulate breathing during sleep are interrupted by apnea, raising the prospect of a new therapeutic approach. Release

> New research indicates that mild stress can help activate calorie-burning brown fat. Release

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