Spotlight On... Candidate Clinton calls for $2B in annual Alzheimer's R&D support; Drug combo reduces pain symptoms in animal model; Researchers find link on prostate cancer; and much more...

Alzheimer's drug research has been one of the toughest fields in R&D, claiming a host of clinical trial failures. And now it's becoming an issue in the race for the White House. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton wants to spend $2 billion a year on R&D activities in Alzheimer's over the next 10 years as millions of patients and their families deal with the memory-stealing malady. That's more than double the current spending. Story (sub. req.)

> A new report from Northwestern Medicine says one region of the brain is remodeled by pain, and a new combination therapy was used to restore it and reduce pain symptoms in an animal model. Release

> Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine say an unexpected link between radiation and androgen ablation may point to a better approach on prostate cancer. Release

> Penn State College of Medicine researchers say that an MRI contrast agent that can slip through the blood-brain barrier may help diagnose gliomas earlier. Release

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