Sequencing deer tick genome may help stop Lyme disease one day

Looking for new ways to stop the spread of Lyme disease, a large group of scientists have completed sequencing the genome of the deer tick, which spreads the disease. "The genome provides a foundation for a whole new era in tick research," said Purdue University entomologist Catherine Hill, lead author of the paper, "now that we've cracked the tick's code, we can begin to design strategies to control ticks, to understand how they transmit disease and to interfere with that process." Release

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Five Translational Insights Key to a Successful First-in-Human (FIH) Study – Metabolite-Based Biomarker Discovery and Validation

Translational success rates from pre-clinical animal studies to human clinical trials remain frustratingly low. Learn how metabolomics helps you bridge between the theoretical & practical, between the function & actual activity of your drug molecule to get you closer to the phenotype, sooner.