Scientists ID compound that may work against adenovirus

Scientists at Saint Louis University School of Medicine say that an experimental therapy being tested by Durham, NC-based Chimerix may become the first candidate for human trials for adenovirus. Adenovirus causes upper respiratory infections, a common ailment around the world. There are 52 different strains of adenovirus in circulation.

CMX001, which is being researched as a smallpox therapy, worked effectively in combating the virus in Syrian hamsters. The drug is a derivative of cidofovir, which was developed by Gilead to treat retinitis in AIDS patients.

This is the first time an animal model has worked in adenovirus research. The Syrian hamster has a suppressed immune system somewhat similar to humans, making it a more effective animal model for research work. The experimental therapy was effective in preventing the virus from replicating in key organs.

- read the report from the St. Louis Business Journal

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