Researchers use human skin cells to grow liver in mouse's head; Diabetes/chemo drug combo fights pancreatic cancer;

Stem Cells

> Using pluripotent stem cells derived from human skin cells, Japanese researchers grew an imperfect liver inside a mouse's head. Story

> Nasal stem cells have shown promise in tests on rats as a possible cure for Parkinson's disease. Story

> Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York has launched a new stem cell research program, funded by a $2.45 million state grant. Story


> The Type 2 diabetes drug metformin, combined with regular pancreatic cancer-related chemotherapy, destroyed cancer stem cells and other components of the tumor, according to new Spanish research. Story

> An experimental drug has helped improve muscle strength among some male cancer patients. Release


> Gene therapy to replace the protein absent in Pompe disease works better when delivered to the liver, instead of through the body, suppressing the immune response, according to researchers from Duke University Medical Center. Release

> A new study explains the functional links between autism and genes. Story