Researchers challenge hormone replacement therapy/breast cancer link; A new syndrome is born;


> A new analysis disputes the conclusions of studies that determined women who take hormone replacement therapy were twice as likely to develop breast cancer, the U.K. newspaper The Telegraph reports. Story

> Researchers at St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital have deciphered new clues as to how the rare, aggressive cancer known as childhood retinoblastoma progresses and have identified a potential treatment target. More

> U.S. scientists believe they've found the first genetic mutation linked to an inherited form of prostate cancer, AFP reports. Article


> Pregnant moms maintaining a poor diet can permanently change their child's genetic makeup, making the child and future generations obese, according to a new study out of Singapore. More

> A "genetic accelerator" causes the most severe cases of lupus, researchers at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Rome have concluded. Release

> Some patients appear to be suffering from a new medical syndrome of multiple ailments. The apparent cause: A single gene mutation that shuts some immune system cells down at body temperature and makes other cells overwork in cold temperatures, Bloomberg reports. Story

Stem Cell Research

> The U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C. will hear arguments in April in a lawsuit--filed by two researchers focused on adult stem cells--seeking to stop government funding of human embryonic stem cell research, Nature reports. News

> The state-run California Institute for Regenerative Medicine issued a three-year grant renewal of nearly $1.7 million to California State University, Long Beach for a new round of stem cell research internships. Story

> Doctors in South Florida are injecting stem cells into patients' faces as a rejuvenation treatment, The Miami Herald reports. Article