Pivotal gene turned off lets aggressive pancreatic cancers spread; Report: British ophthalmologist faked stem cell experiment results;

Cancer Research

> Scientists determined a specific gene is turned off in 15% of pancreatic cancers, and they are testing drugs to turn the gene back on to stop the cancer's spread. Story

> Lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein secreted into human biofluids such as milk, blood, tears and saliva, is showing serious potential as an anti-cancer substance. Release

Stem Cells

> Adult bone marrow-derived stem cells injected into stroke patients' brains may help boost their recovery, scientists at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Stanford University believe. Story

> A British ophthalmologist who once headed a U.S. laboratory focused on pioneering stem cell research faked the results of a pilot experiment that didn't actually exist while applying for two federal grants. Blog

> Nigeria has established a bone marrow registry, which should enable stem cell transplants for many of its population who suffer from sickle cell anemia. Story


> Researchers have discovered two genetic variations that are linked to a common form of glaucoma. Story

> Researchers say they've developed a genetic test that could help predict breast cancer years before the disease is actually diagnosed, BBC News reports. Story

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