LifeCell opens new R&D lab in India; tem cells used to repair stroke damage;

Stem Cell Research

LifeCell International says it has established a new R&D center in India to focus on new stem cell technologies. Report

British surgeons are using stem cell enriched fat to repair the damage--and ease the pain--caused by breast cancer procedures. Story

President Obama's decision to reverse the federal restrictions on funding stem cell research should be widely popular. Polls on the issue have showed significant support for stem cell research. Report

A team of researchers in the UK filled a hole left by stroke damage with brand new tissue. They did it by inserting tiny scaffolding with stem cells attached. Release

Cancer Research

Researchers at Penn State College of Medicine say that new drugs developed from cruciferous veggies such as cabbage and broccoli may offer protection against melanoma. The vegetable compounds block the signaling network of the Akt3 protein, which plays a role in the disease. Report

Researchers at Northfield Laboratories say that their blood substitute PolyHeme reduced the spread of pancreatic cancer in mice. Story


Researchers in Canada have discovered eight genes that play a role in childhood brain cancer. Report

Australian researchers say that a survey of people who have had genetic testing done revealed 11 cases of genetic discrimination and called for new laws to protect people. Story

A history of major depression increases the risk of heart disease over and above any genetic risks common to depression and heart disease, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the VA. Release