Ingredient in wine may boost longevity, health

Spurred by research into the tonic effects of calorie restriction, a variety of research groups and biotech companies have been exploring how an ingredient in red wine--resveratrol--can bolster health and increase longevity. Some of their work suggests that resveratrol can be used to counter the ailments associated with age and abundance, such as diabetes. In one new animal study, resveratrol was found to counter the high levels of glucose and insulin associated with a high-fat diet (photo). And the biotech Sirtris is testing a "resveratrol-based" drug against diabetes. Other drug developers, such as Elixir Pharmaceuticals, are also testing new therapies to counter the effects of aging. The research into resveratrol isn't without controversy, though. Some of these new therapies include concentrations of the ingredient that equal hundreds of glasses of wine. And there's skepticism that small doses in supplements can provide the same kind of tonic as the calorie reduction method.

- here's the article from The Wall Street Journal
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