Hats off for the innovators

A common theme to FierceBioResearcher reports is resourcefulness, and that's in high profile today. Our lead piece deals with GSK's decision to turn to an automaker to suggest how its research program on a new cervical cancer vaccine could be quickly accelerated. In addition, there's a report on a scientist who took cues from a cancer study to see how it might apply to depression. Finally, we look at a cash-strapped researcher who has turned to patients to help fund a study into an experimental therapy for ALS.

And that's just for starters.

It all adds up to a research scene that relies on top scientists to think on their feet when it comes to innovative drug discovery work. It's true, of course, that drug development work ultimately relies on immensely deep pockets. But this field has always rewarded the people who were able to come up with creative approaches to discovery work. That's true for everyone from the solo researcher to the big drug company looking for a major breakthrough. - John Carroll