Genzyme opens doors to $125M research facility

Genzyme has opened the doors to a new, 180,000-square-foot research facility in Framingham, MA that will eventually house some 350 investigators and other staffers. The company says the facility was designed to improve the entire research process, with open meeting spaces to spur collaboration.

Researchers at the state-of-the-art facility--which cost $125 million to build--will work in a wide range of fields, including Parkinson's, cancer, and heart disease. They will also be using the latest technology involving proteins, antibodies, cell therapy and gene therapy.  

"Genzyme exists to innovate, and the Science Center reflects this purpose," stated Henri A. Termeer, Genzyme's chairman and chief executive officer. "The work done at this facility will ensure that we can continue to bring forward therapies to significantly improve patients' lives and will help support the company's long-term growth."

- here's Genzyme's release

ALSO: The NIH has provided $9 million to the Boston Biomedical Research Institute to set up a center for muscular dystrophy research. Report