First European ESC study gets underway; New genetic triggers found for asthma, heart disease and lung health;

Stem Cell Research

Profile: Stephen Minger traded his job as an academician at Kings College London to become head of stem cell R&D for GE Healthcare, where he's in charge of growing industrial-sized quantities of stem cells. Report

Advanced Cell Technology won an approval to mount the first clinical trial of an embryonic stem cell treatment. Scientists will test ESCs as a treatment for Stargardt's macular dystrophy. Investigators plan to recruit 12 patients for the study. Article

A research team at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine found a way to "rapidly produce pure populations of cells that grow into the protective myelin coating on nerves in mice." The method could open the way to new treatments for MS as well as other demyelinating ailments. Release

Pluristem Therapeutics, which develops placental stem cell therapies, has filed to raise up to $150 million. Item


A new study has identified a genetic variant that may explain why 40% of all asthma patients don't respond to commonly used steroid inhalants. Story

The British Heart Foundation has financed new work that points to a set of genes that appear to raise the risk of coronary heart disease. Report

Scientists have uncovered new chunks of genetic code that related to lung health, which may pave the way to new therapies. Release

Cancer Research

Investigators at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, have ID'd a target for medulloblastoma. Release

The hormonal status of breast cancer tumors--which is used to identify the proper treatment--have a habit of changing regularly, according to new research. But physicians typically only do one biopsy as they choose a therapeutic strategy for patients. Release