Chinese institute collaborates on 3G sequencing tech

A Chinese newspaper reports that the Inspur Group is teaming up with a genomics institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a third-generation genome sequencing technology that can cut as much as 99 percent off the price of new sequencing projects.

Second-gen sequencing technology has cut the cost of the work to the $60,000 to $100,000 range, but the tech collaboration in China will pursue the Holy Grail of tech developers: A $1,000 sequencing tab. And it's planning to release the first test instrument in 2013. Inspur supplies computing platforms and IT applications in China.

"The home-made third-generation genome sequencing instrument is not only conducive to life science research, but also concerns the genetic safety of China," said Yu Jun, deputy head of the Beijing Institute of Genomics with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

- here's the report from Xinhua

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