Center to commercialize discovery work; Perkinelmer opens new research lab; researchers find "dimmer" switch for genes

The Texas Life Sciences Collaboration Center will take the lead role in commercializing the research work done at the proposed medical center in Williamson County blueprinted by the Texas A&M University System. Report

Stem Cell Research

PerkinElmer has opened a new research center to study the therapeutic potential of stem cells taken from umbilical cords. Report

Researchers have shown that they can put mouse embryonic stem cells to work building the heart, potentially moving medical science a significant step closer to a new generation of heart disease treatments that use human stem cells. Report

A New Jersey lawmaker wants to offer tax credits to attract up to $100 million annually in new loans to stem cell research projects. Story

Stem cell transplants have a long way to go before they'll be used in the U.S., but Time reports that for dogs like Blue, the future is now. Report

Advocates of embryonic stem cell research in Michigan have gathered 570,000 signatures backing a measure that would loosen restrictions on the field. Story

Cancer Research

Scientists at Stanford have been working to control the "dimmer" switch on genes, slowing the progress of cancer. Report

Three marine organisms found on offshore oil rigs have demonstrated an ability to fight cancer. Story

A combination therapy linking a monoclonal antibody and a small molecular drug could offer an effective new strategy for suppressing advanced breast cancer. Report

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill say that the body's wound-healing blood cells may play a part in metastasis. Report


A European team of investigators have found several variations of a single gene that heightens the risk of obesity. Report

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Brandeis University have successfully completed a full-genome RNAi screen in neurons, showing what types of genes are necessary for brain development. Release

A group has established a 'Gene Wiki'--an online repository of information on human genes, stored within Wikipedia. Release

And Finally... Rockefeller University scientists have identified an enzyme produced in viruses (called bacteriophages) that could stop antibiotic-resistant bacteria dead in their tracks. Release