Boehringer Ingelheim recruiting scientists for new R&D center

Germany's Boehringer Ingelheim has taken the wraps off its new, $36 million research center in Canada. About 40 scientists will be recruited to join the 150 researchers already at work at the center. And they'll be focused on finding new therapies for infectious diseases like hepatitis C and HIV.

"We are drawing on talent here in Quebec and Canada to discover and develop medicines that will help in the fight against the growing problem of infectious virological diseases around the world," said Dr. Andreas Barner, head of corporate board division pharma research.

Ian Mills, president and chief executive of Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada), called for new legislation that would protect and encourage more R&D work in Canada. The pharma company, one of the world's top 20, spent about $100 million on R&D work in Canada last year, half of that in Laval.

- read the report from the Montreal Gazette