ALSO NOTED: iCardiac gains venture funds; Sirtris reports rising R&D expenses; Nanogen slashes staff; and much more...

> iCardiac Technologies, which has advanced new technology to assess drug safety, has announced a second round of venture capital but is staying mum about just how much money it is getting. Release

> Sirtris says that rising R&D costs have pushed up losses at the company. Report

> Nanogen, a diagnostics company, is closing its microarray business and slashing 20 percent of its staff. Report

> Scientists at Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are reporting success in advancing an experimental, preclinical vaccine that can prevent or slow Alzheimer's. Report

> Roche has signed a licensing pact for hepatitis C immunodiagnostics with Novartis and Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, which is owned by J&J. Roche will gain royalties and three agreed to settle patent litigation. Report

> The FDA has put Crucell's program for a rabies monoclonal antibody cocktail on the agency's fast track. Release

> Big Pharma is lobbying hard to stop legislation aimed at getting generics into patients' hands more quickly. Report

> Put a Genentech executive and a bunch of angry ophthalmologists in the same room, and what do you get? Fireworks. Report

> Just why are U.S. attorneys interested in Amgen? That's the question, now that news is emerging that the feds have subpoenaed documents. Report

And Finally... Pollution from marine shipping causes approximately 60,000 premature cardiopulmonary and lung cancer deaths around the world each year, according to a new report. Release