Will AthenaHealth's $293 million deal for mobile apps outfit matter to pharma?

Epocrates has caught the attention of pharma players with trendy mobile apps for physicians that let them look up info on prescription meds. AthenaHealth, an electronic health records outfit, has bet on the app provider in a $293 million buyout of the company. Pfizer ($PFE) collaborated with Epocrates years ago to build links between its mobile apps and doctors. It's no surprise given how popular its apps are with docs. "With the acquisition of Epocrates, which is used and trusted by more than 330,000 physicians, AthenaHealth believes it will be able to better serve an expanded network of providers," the company said in a statement, as quoted by Forbes. "AthenaHealth plans to build upon Epocrates' success to date in transforming the way physicians access and engage with clinical information, with each other, and with their patients." Item