Researchers raise new warnings about Avandia

GlaxoSmithKline took another hit on Avandia with a study by German scientists that concludes that the drug not only doesn't appear to work but also worsens the complications of diabetes. A review of 18 studies indicated that the drug is linked to an increased risk of dangerous fluid retention. Dr Bernd Richter of Duesseldorf's Heinrich-Heine University raised the question of whether it is even ethical to do further studies of the drug, noting that there are safer alternatives already on the market. And the researchers said that there is little actual data to support a claim that Avandia improves either the quality or duration of patients' lives. GSK, for its part, went to work refuting the report, saying that the study is misleading. The company has been forced to defend Avandia--its second-biggest selling drug--since a recent meta analysis concluded that the drug raised safety risks.

- read the New Scientist report

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