Researcher promises cloned embryonic stem cells

A top South Korean scientist on the verge of opening a new laboratory in Seoul says he is six months away from creating cloned embryonic stem cells. Professor Park Se-pill at Cheju National University said a team of researchers was preparing to start work in the field, which has been overshadowed by an earlier research hoax involving cloned stem cells by Hwang Woo-suk. Researchers are adamant that patient-specific stem cells offer one of the brightest therapeutic hopes for many people with severe diseases. Cloning the embryonic stem cells can create a perfect match for patients with diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer's.

- read the report on stem cell research from The Korea Times

ALSO: The hype around cloned embryonic stem cell research is obscuring important work in the field that may prove far more effective in treating diseases, according to Professor Austin Smith of the University of Cambridge. Working with stem cells drawn from IVF embryos and adult tissue has received far less attention, says Professor Smith, but may likely offer a much more direct route to new therapies. Report