Rare disease could be the gateway to billions for PCSK9 drugs

About 1.5 million Americans suffer from familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), an inherited disease that leads to dangerously high cholesterol, and they're likely to be the first targets for a new class of drugs that promises to bring in blockbuster sales. As Bloomberg reports, some physicians are still unconvinced about how well the new treatments, called PCSK9 inhibitors, can prevent heart attacks in general populations, but for patients with FH, the new injections could see a huge uptake upon approval. Partners Sanofi ($SNY) and Regeneron ($REGN) are likely to be first to market with their alirocumab, followed by Amgen ($AMGN) and Pfizer ($PFE). Each drug is expected to bring in about $2 billion in annual sales at its peak. Story