PRA partners up to accelerate vaccine R&D

PRA Health Sciences ($PRAH) has joined forces with a trial site group to focus on vaccine development, hoping to speed up patient recruitment and get more clinical studies rolling.

The North Carolina CRO is collaborating with Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR), a network of independent clinical research centers. The plan is to tap PRA's years of experience running clinical trials and AMR's prowess in patient enrollment, the companies said, working together to make studies more efficient and effective.

"This is an ideal collaboration," PRA Senior Vice President Frank Hijek said in a statement. "It combines the expertise of PRA, one of the world's leading contract research organizations, and AMR one of the most effective clinical research site networks in the industry. Together, we can help sponsors get vaccines to the people who need them."

Together, the companies will focus on small to midsize vaccine trials, PRA said, and the CRO is touting its new partner's 98% subject retention rate as cause for optimism in the collaboration.

Meanwhile, PRA is expanding its operation with a particular focus on Pennsylvania, adding about 250 jobs over the next few years as it completes a $4 million new project. The company's latest recruitment effort follows the debut of what PRA calls its Candidate Experience initiative, a multiplatform effort to identify and recruit qualified nurses, study coordinators and healthcare workers who may thrive as clinical research associates.

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