Parexel trumpets unified tech for clinical trials software

Parexel International ($PRXL) has become the latest in a line of CROs to tout the benefits of a platform for clinical trials software in a drive to make the use of multiple applications in studies efficient and seamless, the company said Monday.

Parexel unveiled its "MyTrials" platform as a way to integrate a bevy of software tools that the company and its pharma sponsors use in conducting studies. The idea is to give users a single sign-on option to save them from the hassle of signing in to disparate software tools, merging information from separate databases, and providing tech to provide reports on the status of studies, among other things.

Unlike other CROs, Parexel has built the platform to support many in-house software products, which the company provides via its subsidiary, Perceptive Informatics. Some of those products include DataLabs EDC and Designer, which Perceptive sells to all comers, not just Parexel's clientele. For instance, last year pharma services giant Quintiles unveiled a platform called "Infosario" that very much relies on tech tools from a variety of outside vendors.

"In recent years there has been an increase in the number of applications for managing the clinical trials process, but these independent systems are not necessarily compatible with each other, for example, forcing users to enter the same data multiple times in different applications," Mark Goldberg, Parexel's COO, said in statement. "This disrupts optimal workflow and processes, resulting in an unintended loss of productivity."

With the annual DIA meeting on the horizon, anticipate a slew of similar product- and platform-focused announcements over the next week or so.

- here's Parexel's release

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