MorphoSys picks Dotmatics tool to visualize, analyze screening data

MorphoSys is to implement Dotmatics' Vortex to visualize and analyze its screening data. The move is intended to cut the time it takes MorphoSys to identify the most promising candidates from its library of 100 billion human antibodies.

Dotmatics has designed Vortex to support the visualization and analysis of data, while also giving users a way to view molecules, sequences and other scientific objects. By pairing these capabilities to cheminformatic and bioinformatic capabilities, Dotmatics thinks it has created a system that can enable researchers to make faster, better-informed decisions about the advance of their pipeline prospects. MorphoSys, a European biotech that lists Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ), Novartis ($NVS), Pfizer ($PFE) and Roche ($RHHBY) among its partners, thinks the tool will help its scientists.

"We had been scouting for a convenient software solution to analyze the very high number of antibody candidates selected from our Ylanthia phage display technology," MorphoSys Markus Enzelberger said in a statement. "By choosing Dotmatics Vortex we expect to significantly streamline our workflows and to decrease our timelines to highly differentiated drug candidates." Dotmatics' platform also supports the sharing of data among researchers and subsequent discussions, a feature that could facilitate collaborations with remote partners.

MorphoSys is one of the larger companies to reveal its use of Dotmatics' software publicly in recent years. Dotmatics was last able to discuss its landing of a major biopharma customer in 2013 when it added both AstraZeneca ($AZN) and UCB to its list of clients. Since then, Abide Therapeutics, C4X Discovery and others have signed up to work with Dotmatics. And the IT provider has continued to expand and refine its product offering, adding a new inventory module to its platform earlier this year. 

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