Medidata links its cloud platform to Apple's ResearchKit

Medidata ($MDSO) has connected its Clinical Cloud to Apple's ($AAPL) ResearchKit. The link means researchers can feed data gathered by ResearchKit apps into Medidata's cloud platform, where the information can be integrated with other sources of clinical trial results.

Medidata President Glen de Vries

ResearchKit made a splash earlier this year when the first batch of studies to use the platform achieved enrollment rates unimaginable to biopharma clinical trial sponsors. The platform turns each iPhone owner into a potential research participant, making large-scale, real-time data collection--without the cost of device provision--achievable. Sponsors are alert to the potential of the approach.

"There is a strong level of interest among our customer base to use ResearchKit apps to help collect in-life data in clinical trials," Medidata mHealth Managing Director Kara Dennis told Outsourcing-Pharma. The challenge facing sponsors--and by extension Medidata--is how to turn ResearchKit into a platform that fits in with their operations, both in terms of the technology and its compliance with regulations.

Medidata's connector--the source code of which is available on GitHub--is part of the company's attempt to help customers resolve these issues. Significant concerns and questions about ResearchKit still remain--such as the bias inherent in only gathering data from iPhone owners--but there appears to be a willingness to investigate and resolve some of the issues. "Apple is a key part of the ecosystem that defines the new era of mobile health," Medidata President Glen de Vries said in a statement.

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