FierceBiotech believes in storytelling: Check it out

Nothing has changed, really. We strive to be the top source for breaking biotech and life sciences news on a daily basis and more regularly on our website and Twitter feed. Our readers hunger for context and analysis of major developments in the industry. We work hard to deliver such insights in all of our daily reports.

Yet we aim to go deeper into stories, and our team has grown both with more full-time staffers and an expanding cadre of excellent freelancers to deliver additional feature articles and special reports. Some of our features appear on our websites and others in PDF format. Think of the articles in the PDF files as magazine-length features. (Indeed, we spend extra time with photos and layouts for these articles.) You can find a whole menu of such features by clicking on "ebooks" in the "Library" menu at the top of our website.

Specifically, I'd like to direct our core biotech readers to our feature about the careers of 5 of the most important inventors and researchers in the industry. Jeffrey Perkel, a Ph.D. who writes science articles for Fierce, interviewed Pharmasset co-founder Raymond Schinazi, MIT inventor Bob Langer, Harvard geneticist extraordinaire George Church, research "rock star" Eric Topol from Scripps and Northwestern University chemistry professor Chad Mirkin, whose biotechs have raised some $700 million.

The profiles of standout scientists go deep into their careers and, in some cases, touch on their personal lives. Schinazi, for instance, made a fortune from Gilead's ($GILD) $11 billion buyout of Pharmasset last year, but he acknowledges that his aggressive work schedule has cost him dearly in other ways.  

After you've read this feature and others, please let me know what other topics you think we should cover as well as give us feedback on our existing articles. Download the full report here >>

-- Ryan McBride (email | Twitter)