EMC to found Russian cloud computing, 'Big Data' hub

Many companies, especially biopharma and bioinformatics companies, end up with a pool of unstructured and semistructured data, these days dubbed "Big Data." U.S.-based global IT company EMC is planning an R&D center in the Skolkovo Foundation's Innovation Hub in Russia to create cloud infrastructure solutions and Big Data analytics technologies focusing on bioinformatics, as well as energy efficiency.

The innovation hub, which is also known as "Russian Silicon Valley," is still in the planning and construction stages but will be a high-tech business area to include the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skolkovotech), research institutes, a business incubator, and R&D, technologies development and commercialization centers, as well as housing. EMC will also collaborate with Russian universities, government agencies, and local and multinational companies in the local area.

"EMC's global R&D centers are cultivating talent and facilitating collaboration with the best professionals in the world. The new center at Skolkovo will be EMC's first to focus on cloud and Big Data technologies for bioinformatics and energy efficiency and our efforts there could completely transform the way data in these areas is analyzed and stored. We are proud to be a member of the Skolkovo community and look forward to a bright future in Russia," said Joe Tucci, chairman and CEO of EMC.

Genomics, proteomics and other "omics" generate vast amounts of data, and using analytics software, services and technologies from organizations such as EMC will speed up its analysis and application to personalized medicine.

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