Disgraced scientist back at work on cloned embryos

In what is shaping up as one of the toughest rehab jobs in science, disgraced Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk is logging long hours in his new lab. Hwang was accused of one of the biggest frauds in scientific history when he claimed in 2005 to have cloned human embryos and developed embryonic stem cells from them. Hwang apologized for the scam but insisted that he should be allowed to go on with his work. He appears to be doing just that, after he and 30 loyal researchers made the switch from the university to a private lab outside of Seoul. Some experts like Dr. Curt Civin at Johns Hopkins say he just might pull it off--even though his work is likely to get a tremendous amount of scrutiny.

One researcher at the lab says that they have taken stem cells from cloned animal embryos. They believe that they are ready to do the same for human embryos.

- here's the article from The Washington Post