ChemAxon opens shop in 'heart' of Boston biotech hub

ChemAxon has followed its major pharma customers, establishing an office in Cambridge, MA. The provider of chemistry software has opened an office in the Cambridge Innovation Center at One Broadway, placing the Budapest-based company just a walk away from research facilities of Pfizer ($PFE), Novartis ($NVS), Sanofi ($SNY) and other global drug powerhouses.

The software company is also beefing up its ranks in a recruiting drive to meet demand as it grows, the company said in a press release. Part of the growth has come from a roster of clients that includes the 15 largest drugmakers in the world. And in the Boston area the company will find players in three key markets for its desktop chemistry informatics software: biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and agro-chemicals.

"Going forward our strategy is about developing the strong collaborative relationships we have with customers and business partners," Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon, said in a statement. "Locating in this key U.S. pharma-biotech hub helps us ensure our technology evolves with customer requirements, and they gain more business value from their chemistry."

With the Cambridge office, ChemAxon plans to house technical and scientific support, consulting and business development. Boston has attracted pharma R&D activity even as drugmakers shutter research operations in other areas of the globe, and software makers have taken note in placing their own offices in the area. San Diego-based Accelrys ($ACCL), which acquired Velquest in Hopkinton, MA, this year, and the U.K.'s Dotmatics are two other scientific software companies with operations in the Boston area.  

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