Check the pulse of biotech IT in Boston

Biotech computing folks from around the world descended on Boston this week, and the FierceBiotech IT team was among them. I started the week meeting with the FDA's IT chief, Eric Perakslis, who described how the agency plans to change the way it uses technology and his support of cloud computing and open source. Perakslis then gave a keynote at the Bio-IT World Expo, which was HQ for bioinformatics aficionados this week. You'll get a sense for what the hot areas in the field are from the slides, but let me help you connect the dots: Many companies are working on ways to crunch DNA data to interpret genomes, while others continue to tackle data-management problems in the biotech sphere with different solutions. Also, there's probably at least one or two companies you've never heard of before in the slide show. -- Ryan McBride (Email | Twitter) Click here to view the slideshow>>