Boehringer's stumble is InterMune's gain in lung drug race

InterMune ($ITMN) watched its shares jump more than 15% after Boehringer Ingelheim posted some mixed results for its rival idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis treatment, all while the biotech has nearly tripled in value over the past 30 days. As Reuters reports, Boehringer's nintedanib met its primary endpoints in two Phase III studies but slipped on two secondary goals in a study on IPF, a lung-scarring disease that complicates oxygen absorption and often leads to death. In Phase III results unveiled last month, InterMune's similar pirfenidone aced all of its endpoints, sending the company's shares skyward and igniting rumors that the up-and-down biotech was an M&A target. Now, with Boehringer slipping up in Phase III, investors are all the more confident InterMune can win out in IPF. Article