Atlas' new immuno-oncology biotech recruits an AstraZeneca vet to take the reins

Surface Oncology, an immunotherapy-focused startup from Atlas Venture, has poached AstraZeneca's ($AZN) former chief cancer strategist to serve as its CEO, beating a path toward clinical development. The company is at work on next-generation immuno-oncology treatments, building on the success of PD-1- and PD-L1-targeting therapies with candidates designed to improve cancer cell detectability, block immune-suppressing agents around tumors and otherwise soup up the body's ability to battle malignancies. And now Detlev Biniszkiewicz, former vice president of oncology strategy at AstraZeneca, is on board to lead the way. The British drugmaker built a promising oncology pipeline under Biniszkiewicz's watch, and now the industry veteran wants to do the same at Surface Oncology. Release