AstraZeneca taps Trialbee for online patient recruitment

Trialbee has added another large pharma to its list of clients, with AstraZeneca ($AZN) following Novo Nordisk ($NVO) in signing up to work with the online trial recruitment specialist. The AstraZeneca deal spans multiple regions, therapeutic areas and phases of clinical trials.

Lund, Sweden-based Trialbee will help AstraZeneca recruit patients into clinical trials using its online enrollment platform. The wide-ranging deal comes years after the companies first began working together. AstraZeneca was an early user of the platform, striking a deal to help with proof-of-concept tests of the technology back in 2011. Since then Trialbee has honed its offering, raised $3.3 million and inked a deal with Novo Nordisk.

AstraZeneca clinical development manager Jenny Skogsberg explained what has attracted Big Pharma and investors to Trialbee. "Trialbee's direct-to-patient approach is very attractive since it enables patients to easily engage in clinical trials. This follows the trend of patients increasingly searching for disease and treatment information online. Trialbee's solution has the potential to be used in many of our therapeutic areas and on many local markets going forward," Skogsberg said in a statement.

The idea behind Trialbee is to use the Internet, mobile apps and social media to engage directly with patient groups, giving clients access to a pool of motivated potential trial participants. In addition, the company now also offers services spanning online study feasibility, web and mobile-based patient retention and electronic data capture.

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