WuXi NextCODE and Google Cloud partner to enhance global genomic access

Genomics giant WuXi NextCODE is partnering with Google Cloud to establish a global platform standard for using genome data to advance health worldwide.

The partnership is designed to host WuXi NextCODE’s suite of capabilities like its GORdb secondary analysis, Sequence Miner case-control research application, and Clinical Sequence Analyzer clinical interpretation system, on Google Cloud and Google Cloud Launcher marketplace.

The two companies also said they plan to launch the first phase of combining Google genomics and research tools with WuXi NextCODE's platform in May starting with the DeepVariant secondary analysis pipeline, alongside other open-source analysis pipelines and tools available through Google Cloud.

"We are excited to see our platform launch on Google Cloud this spring, and to explore collaborative projects that require the combined horsepower of our own and Google's tools and teams,” Hannes Smarason, WuXi NextCODE’s chief executive, said in a statement. “Together, I expect we will find innovative ways to make more data more useful to more people, advancing the genomics field as well as serving our customers.”

WuXi NextCODE, which raised $240 million in September in its latest round of financing, emerged from Amgen’s $415 million takeover of deCODE, a genomics pioneer that once rode high on Human Genome Project hype but later went bankrupt along its 14-year path from founding to buyout.

Flex, which provides components for speakers, coffee machines and medical devices, announced last week that it was teaming with Google to help healthcare device makers connect the massive amount of information gathered by products like wearables, insulin pumps and heart monitors to Google Cloud.