Verily's Onduo virtual clinic expands into multiple chronic conditions

The virtual clinic Onduo has expanded the reach of its platform into multiple chronic conditions, with new personal coaching programs for Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight loss, high blood pressure and mental wellness.

In addition, the Verily venture is introducing language support among its app and care teams for Spanish speakers and plans to further grow its offerings into behavioral health later this year.

The digital programs include links to preventive care, plus personally tailored information on habits that could help improve specific maladies and overall health, as chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can often overlap.

“Our goal is to make ‘healthy’ easier for members and providers alike,” Onduo CEO Vindell Washington said. “We aim to close the loop in care by helping match members with the most relevant next step in their care journey and serving up that experience through our app and care team interactions.”

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Using predictive analytics programs developed by Verily, Google’s life science-focused corporate sibling, Onduo gathers patient data from multiple streams such as wearable devices and pharmacy claims. It can then assign personalized messaging, prompt a review of their medications, or schedule users for a telemedicine visit.

“We believe healthcare can be proactive instead of reactive,” Washington said. “Through behavior change theory and by leveraging high quality, diverse data streams, we can help extend care in between primary care visits and provide continuity of care.”

Last year, Onduo presented research from three studies showing its coaching and monitoring platforms helped people with Type 2 diabetes better control their blood sugar while also avoiding emotional distress. The company’s remote-care approach provides continuous glucose monitoring equipment through the mail and trains users via their smartphones.

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One real-world study showed that participants with Type 2 diabetes demonstrated improvements in A1c levels regardless of whether they used a continuous blood sugar monitor.

Onduo first launched in 2016 as a $500 million joint venture between Verily and Sanofi, though the French drugmaker would later decide to exit the diabetes research space in late 2019. Last December, Verily posted a $700 million investment round, slated to fuel the expansion of its commercial efforts, including Onduo as well as its Project Baseline testing initiatives.